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    Great Gifts for Math Lovers, Teachers, and Smart Folk of All Ages

    By Mathnasium | Added Dec 8, 2016

    We all have that one person in our lives who's impossible to buy for. What do you get for the person who has everything? Stress no more! Whether you're looking for holidays, birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Teacher Appreciation, or just because, these fun and clever gifts will thrill the recipient, and give them a sophisticated way to express their inner nerd. 


    For Young Mathletes

    Math booties (via Etsy)

    “Pi in the sky” dress (via Princess Awesome)

    Geometry pinafore dress (via Etsy)

    Acute baby onesie (via Etsy)


    For Your One and Only

    “I can’t f(x) [function] without you” cuff (via Etsy)

    Infinity necklace (via Etsy)

    For the Family Chef

    Math cookie cutters (via Etsy)

    Math formula apron (via Amazon)

    Math measuring cups/spoons (via Amazon)

    For Furry Friends

    Math dog/cat collar (via Etsy)

    Math dog shirt (via Etsy)

    For the Fashionista

    Fibonacci scarf (via Boutique Academia)

    Math skirt (via Etsy)

    Cube wood earrings (via Etsy)

    Math leggings (via ModCloth)

    For Dapper Fellows

    Smart guys rock cufflinks (via Etsy)

    Pi tie tack (via Etsy)

    Geometry silk tie (via Etsy)

    For the Home

    Retro Pi shower curtain (via Society6)

    Dodecahedron planter (via Etsy)

    Math in Color blanket (via Society6)

    Math/STEM Toys

    MOBI math game (via Fat Brain Toys)

    FOLD Origami Brainteaser (via Fat Brain Toys)

    Foundation chemistry kit (via Amazon)

    Makeblock DIY Programmable Robot Kit (via Amazon)

    Disgusting Science Kit (via Amazon)


    *Disclaimer: Mathnasium does not endorse or sponsor any of the products or retailers listed in this gift guide.


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    Roxanne, 12th grade