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    How to Make and Achieve Math Goals With Your Kids this New School Year

    By Mathnasium | Added Oct 13, 2015

    Guidelines on how to help your kids make and achieve their math goals this school year.


    As the new school year gains momentum, we hope that your family is able to pause for a moment and reflect on their math goals for the rest of the fall semester. This is an ideal time to sit and talk with your kids about how they’re feeling about school and math so far and help students make goals they can be proud to achieve. Mathnasium is always here to help, and we’d like to offer these points as guidelines for that important conversation:


    •  Encourage honesty and listen! Whether kids are ahead of the curve or falling behind, it can be difficult for them to admit their true feelings to a parent or guardian. Set the tone for openness, be attentive, and let them know that you’re there cheering them on. Promote a balanced outlook by asking them to contemplate pros and cons about math and math class.


    •  Set achievable goals and come up with a concrete plan to reach them. Keep your child on track and encourage daily accountability by setting a designated study time and calendaring important dates and assignments. Emphasize that diligent work over time can drive amazing results—we’ve seen this happen time and time again at Mathnasium! Stop by the center for a chat—we’re happy to serve as a community resource for all things math.


    •  Remind mathletes of the big picture so they recognize the long-term benefits of strong math foundations. Entering the workforce with solid math skills and number sense can make all the difference in terms of future earning power and professional growth. This article from Forbes outlines the best jobs for 2015—many of which are in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields.


    Wishing you a happy and productive fall—we look forward to seeing you soon!



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