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    Word Problem Wednesday: Cooking Math And Chocolate Mousse

    By Mathnasium | Added Nov 28, 2018

    Students can practice math skills such as measurement, multiplication and division with this word problem challenge from Mathnasium.

    What’s your favorite dessert? Is it cookies? Chocolate? It’s the holiday season, which means time for cooking and food...and math! Whether you’re doing elementary or high school math, cooking is a perfect opportunity to practice kids math learning in a fun, real world situation.

    This week’s word problem challenge gives students an opportunity to use math skills such as measurement, multiplication and division. Look below to help Minnie figure out how to divide her chocolate mousse among friends.

    Take your time thinking it through, and when you're ready look below to check your solution with ours.

    Question: Minnie makes 3 pints of chocolate mousse and divides it into 4 servings. How many cups of chocolate mousse are in each serving?


    Solution: A pint is 2 cups, so 3 pints is 3 × 2 = 6 cups. If we want to divide 6 cups among 4 servings, then we can split the mousse in half, twice. Half of 6 cups is 3 cups, and half of 3 cups is 1½ cups. So, each serving is 1½ cups of chocolate mousse.


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