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    Word Problem Wednesday: Gingerbread Cookies

    By Mathnasium | Added Dec 20, 2017

    gingerbread man

    Q: How do elderly gingerbread people walk around?
    A: With candy canes!

    As you’re baking your tasty treats this holiday season, remember to bring your math skills with you into the kitchen—and everywhere! You can start with this week’s word problem challenge. 

    Challenge: For every 7 gingerbread people Tyler decorates, Sophia decorates 5. If they decorate 60 gingerbread people in total, then how many gingerbread people did Sophia decorate?

    Take your time. When you're ready, check out the solution below.

    Solution: Sophia decorated 5 out of 5 + 7 = 12 of the gingerbread people. So, since 5/12 of 60 is 25, Sophia decorated 25 gingerbread people.

    Now that you’ve worked out this week’s challenge, try our fun Gingerbread House Math Activity!


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