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    Word Problem Wednesday: Math Help For Kids And… Droids!

    By Mathnasium | Added Sep 26, 2018

    Kids, math help is needed to assist these droids in escaping from the Dark Side! Practice elementary school math skills while solving this week’s word problem challenge.

    (Image courtesy of LucasFilm.)

    Q: Why did the droid cross the road?
    A: To get to the Dark Side!

    Droids on the Dark Side? Yikes! In this week’s word problem challenge our droids are trying to escape from the Dark Side. Kids, math help is needed, and you can do it! So dust off your elementary school math skills to solve the question below. 

    Question: A protocol droid and a utility droid are both trying to reach an escape pod so that they can get away from an evil imperial spacecraft. The protocol droid walks at a speed of 2 mph. The utility droid rolls at a speed of 5 mph. If they start from the same place, then which one will reach the escape pod first? How can you tell?


    Solution: The faster droid will reach the escape pod first. Since 5 is more than 2, we can tell that 5 mph is faster than 2 mph. So, since the utility droid rolls at a speed of 5 mph, it will reach the escape pod first.


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