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    Summer Math Programs Help Kids Avoid Learning Loss

    By Mathnasium | Added May 13, 2017


    Incorporating consistent, enjoyable, and meaningful opportunities for math learning into your family’s summer agenda could benefit your kids long after they bid summer break a fond farewell.

    The reason: summer learning loss (or the “summer slide”). This refers to the loss of skills all students experience when they don’t participate in educational activities over summer vacation. In fact, summer learning loss has been extensively documented in studies dating as far back as 1906! According to researchers at Johns Hopkins University, math proficiency is particularly susceptible to the summer slide, with students losing “about two months of grade level equivalency in mathematical computation skills over the summer months.”

    Additionally, a study conducted by the RAND Corporation states that summer learning loss is cumulative and can have far-reaching effects on a student’s long-term academic success. The good news is that it’s possible to stop the summer slide in its tracks and help your kids retain concepts they learned throughout the school year. The RAND Corporation report notes the advantages of attending summer programs and embracing summer learning opportunities, adding that “Programming needs to be high-quality, and students need to enroll and attend regularly.”

    The fact is, summer presents valuable and often overlooked chances for kids to dig deep and explore concepts not necessarily covered in school while learning at their own pace. With regular school year pressures on hold, summer could be the season your child discovers how fun learning math can be! To get the most out of summer math learning, pick a program that…

    • Ramps up the fun factor… while ensuring that kids make progress. Summer break was made for fun and frolic, so do your child a favor and pick a summer math program that specializes in creative, effective ways to teach math; really makes concepts come alive; and allows your family to balance math learning with non-academic summer pursuits.
    • Provides individualized instruction in a comfortable, stress free environment.Summer is the time to break free of the constraints and limitations of a traditional classroom environment. Whether your child is far behind, performing at grade level, or in need of an extra challenge, a high quality math program meets your child where they are and helps them get to where they want to be—with a smile!
    • Emphasizes regular attendance and goal setting. Consistent learning over time is key to staving off the summer slide! A solid summer math program will help you and your child pinpoint learning goals and develop a steady plan of action to ensure progress without causing burnout.  
    • Keeps you in the loop. Program administrators should be enthusiastic communicators eager to provide you with regular updates about your child’s progress.

    Committing to the right summer math program can help your child start the next school year on the right foot and gain long lasting confidence and a love of learning along the way. Have a great summer!


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