Word Problem Wednesday: Mathematical Mixed Bag III

By Mathnasium | December 9, 2020

The great thing about word problems is that they help us understand the world around us. This week we have another “mathematical mixed bag” of questions ranging from flowers in a garden to kitten sleeps.

So look below and choose the problem that’s the right skill level for your child. Have them give it a try. And when they feel they’ve found the answer, check their solution against ours on the next page.


Lower Elementary:
Question: Ella plants a dozen seeds. Half of those seeds sprout and grow into plants. Each of those plants grows 3 flowers. How many flowers does Ella have?

Upper Elementary:
Question: A truck that weighs 4 tons when empty carries 1 ton of gravel. The driver unloads 500 pounds of gravel at a construction site. How many pounds do the truck and the gravel weigh in total now?

Middle School:
Question: Mason scores 40 points on his fifth of five quizzes, increasing his average score to 32 points. What was Mason’s average score after the first four quizzes?

Algebra and Up:
Question: Puppies sleep an average of 12 hours each day. Kittens sleep an average of 20 hours each day. If a puppy is 4 weeks older than a newborn kitten, then how old will the kitten be when the kitten and the puppy have gotten the same amount of sleep in total?