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    Word Problem Wednesday: Planting The Seeds Of Math Greatness!

    By Mathnasium | Added Jun 12, 2019

    Practice elementary school math skills such as fractions, conversions, multiplication and division with this great math tutoring word problem.

    When the weather gets nice and school gets out it means it's time to take the math learning outdoors! Sometimes practical application can make the best kids math program, which is why our weekly word problems have a basis in real world math problems such as gardening!

    This word problem challenge gives students an opportunity to practice their elementary school math skills such as fractions, conversions, multiplication and division. Are you ready to “grow” your skills? Take a look and give it a try. When you're ready, read further below to check your solution against ours!

    Question: Harrison has a full 3–gallon watering can. He uses 5/8 of the water on the gardenias in his garden. How much water did the gardenias get?


    Solution: First we converted the amount of water from gallons into pints because a pint is 1/8 of a gallon. Harrison had 24 pints of water. Then we found 5/8 of 24 and determined Harrison used 15 pints of water.

    (Photo above by Bill Ward on Flickr.)



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