Mathnasium #MathTricks: Number Sense (Division Part 2)

By Mathnasium | June 22, 2022

Welcome to Mathnasium’s Math Tricks series. Today we are using number sense to divide statements where the divisors (the numbers we are dividing by) have more than two factors (numbers which divide evenly into the divisor). Rather than dividing a dividend (the number to be divided) by a challenging divisor, the trick is to break it down into smaller, more manageable parts, and then divide by each part.

Ask Education: How Deep is the Ocean?

By Mathnasium | June 15, 2022

Our expert team of math educators and enthusiasts has spent over 40 years developing and refining the most powerful teaching methods and materials into the comprehensive, industry-leading Mathnasium Method™. These “Ask Education” features are a way for the Education team members to share their knowledge and love of math with our curious readers and fans.

Summer Math Activity: BINGO Game

By Mathnasium | June 1, 2022

June 1st marks the unofficial start of summer, and we are here for it! Regardless of your plans, we have a fun and simple way to turn your child’s summer into a math game with a fan favorite: BINGO! Encourage your child to follow the prompts in the spaces and complete the tasks. When they do, mark them off until they have a complete row (across, down, or diagonally). As an extra challenge, see how many ways they can get Bingo over the coming weeks! Who knew strengthening math skills could be this much fun?!

Mathnasium #MathTricks: Number Sense (Division Part 1)

By Mathnasium | May 25, 2022

Welcome to Mathnasium’s Math Tricks series. Students are often taught that division is the opposite of multiplication, and therefore should rely on their multiplication facts to divide; this can be difficult when the number to divide by (the divisor) extends beyond these facts. Today we are using number sense to divide, when the divisor is a power of two. The trick is to cut the original number (the dividend) in half the appropriate number of times (the “power” amount).

Make Summer Math Part of Your Summer Fun

By Mathnasium | May 18, 2022

Summer is the time for road trips, backyard BBQs, days at the beach and … math? That’s right! It’s important for students to make math a part of their summer so they don’t lose what they’ve learned during the school year. On average, children lose 2-3 months of math skills during the summer months. This is such a common problem it’s widely known as the “summer slide.”