Word Problem Wednesday: Getting A Handle On Homework

By Mathnasium | October 28, 2020


Excellent!  Are you ready to check your child’s answer? Look below to see if their solution matches ours.

Lower Elementary:
Answer:  10 sheets of paper
Solution: Since 2 pages can go on each sheet of paper, that means that the first 18 sheets of paper can fit on half of 18 = 9 sheets of paper. The 19th page goes on a 10th sheet of paper. So, 10 pieces of paper are needed for the whole reading assignment.

Upper Elementary:
Solution: Answers vary, but the math assignments should take up 2 segments on the pie chart, writing should take 2½, reading should take 3½, history should take 1½, and science should take ½.

Middle School:
Answer:  Yes
Solution: Since there are 10 3-day periods in 30 days, Lisa can memorize the location of a country a total of 7 × 10 = 70 times. That means she has time to forget and relearn 70 – 54 = 16 of them. If she forgets 1 every 2 days, that means she forgets 30 ÷ 2 = 15 of them, and since 15 is less than 16, she will have time to re-memorize them all.

Algebra and Up:
Answer:  8 math questions
Solution: We can set up and solve the following system of equations to solve this problem:

M = 0.8S
= S + 5
M + S + E = 33

Next, we plug the values of M and E into the third equation because they’re both already in terms of S. Now we have an equation with one variable—S. We can solve it to find that S = 10, so M must be 8. Logan has answered 8 math questions.