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    Word Problem Wednesday: Kitten Whiskers

    By Mathnasium | Added Feb 26, 2020

    Practice elementary math skills such as multiplication and counting by tens with this great word problem challenge.

    You haven’t done your daily math yet? You’ve got to be kitten me! Well, you’re in luck! We have a cat-tastic word problem challenge for you this week! If you’re looking for the best math tutors to provide your child with math instruction that will bring their grades and their spirits up, you’ve come to the purrrr-fect place!

    This week’s word problem gives students the opportunity to practice elementary math skills such as multiplication and counting by tens. Take a look at the question and take your time to solve the puzzle. 

    Question: Each of 10 cats has 10 kittens. Each of the kittens has 10 whiskers. How many kitten whiskers are there?

    When you're ready, look below to compare your solution to ours.


    Solution: If each of the 10 cats has 10 kittens, then there are 10 × 10 = 100 kittens. If each kitten has 10 whiskers, then there are 100 × 10 = 1,000 whiskers.




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