Word Problem Wednesday: After School

By Mathnasium | June 17, 2020

Isn’t Free Time After School Great?

After a busy day of studying, it’s finally time to play games and spend quality time with people we care about! Don’t you agree that there’s something special about free time after school? This week’s word problems are about some of the little things that make after-school time so great!

Choose the word problem below that’s the right skill level for you. Take your time working it out — and no peeking! We know you can do it! When you feel you’ve found the answer, see the next page to check your solution against ours.

Lower Elementary:
Question: Kylie and Layla get on a school bus at 3:15 pm. At 3:23 pm, Layla tells Kylie that they are halfway to her house. How long does it take to get from the school to Layla’s house?

Upper Elementary:
Question: Alice is saving up for a video game that costs $45.00. She gets $20.00 every Monday in allowance, but she spends $15.00 each week on lunch at school. How many weeks will it take for Alice to save up for the video game?

Middle School:
Question: Owen can’t remember the address number of his friend’s house, but he does remember noticing that all four of the digits were even, that they were in order from least to greatest, and that the first two digits form a number with half the value as the number formed by the last two digits. How many possible street address numbers are there with the details Owen remembers?

Algebra and Up:
Question: Bailey sells 21 more chocolate bars than Carlos. Carlos sells 2.5 times as many chocolate bars as Devon. Devon sells as many chocolate bars as Ella. Ella sells a quarter as many chocolate bars as Fran. Fran sells 1 fewer chocolate bars than Ginny. Rewrite each statement into a system of equations.