Word Problem Wednesday: Ninja Turtles

By Mathnasium | July 29, 2020

“Heroes in a Half Shell. Turtle Power!”

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a superhero team that has been depicted in comic books, movies, and video games since the late 1980s. They’re known for fighting crime in the sewers of New York City using advanced martial arts taught to them by a mutant rat named Splinter. They have a human companion named April who used to be a scientist, and they absolutely love eating pizza! Let’s solve some math problems all about these unique superhero characters.

Choose the problem below that’s the right skill level for you. Take your time working it out. When you feel you’ve found the answer, see the next page to check your solution against ours. No peeking, and have fun!

Lower Elementary:
Question: Mikey and his brothers Donnie, Raph, and Leo are comparing their heights. Leo’s height is between Raph’s and Donnie’s. If Raph is the second shortest, who is the shortest?

Upper Elementary:
Question: Three-fourths of a cannister of toxic ooze spills into a sewer. If 4 12 fluid ounces of ooze is left inside the cannister, then how much ooze does the cannister hold in total?

Middle School:
Question: April is deciding what kind of job she should take. She’s deciding between jobs as a lab assistant (which will pay her $48.00 for 4 hours of work), a computer programmer (which will pay her $65.00 for 5 hours of work), and a reporter (which will pay her $69.00 for 6 hours of work). Which job should she take if she wants to earn the most money per hour?

Algebra and Up:
Question: A 16-inch pizza is cut into 6 equal slices. If 4 consecutive pieces are taken and eaten, then what is the area taken up by the remaining slices? (Hint: Pizzas are measured by their diameters.)