Word Problem Wednesday: Math and Art

By Mathnasium | September 2, 2020

The world’s greatest sculptors, painters, and photographers depend on math to create their art. Not only do artists use elements of composition — such as geometry and proportions — to perfect their work, they also use math behind the scenes in the studio! This week’s word problems show a practical application of math in sketching, sculpting, photography and painting — exactly the kind of thing that every budding artist should learn and understand.

Word Problem Wednesday: Ninja Turtles

By Mathnasium | July 29, 2020


This week’s word problems make reference to the sewer-dwelling, pizza-loving comic book superheroes, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Lower elementary students will get to compare the Ninja Turtles’ heights. Upper elementary will measure out toxic sewage using the concept of wholes and parts. Middle school students will help April, friend of the Ninja Turtles, choose a job by calculating unit rates, and more advanced students will practice finding the area of a circle of the Ninja Turtles’ favorite food –pizza!

Word Problem Wednesday: Units and Unit Rates

By Mathnasium | July 8, 2020


Unit rates are used in all sorts of everyday applications. Maybe you’ve used miles per gallon to estimate the next time you’ve needed to get gas, or used unit prices at the store to decide whether or not to buy in bulk. This week’s word problems will give your child practice with units and unit rates and help familiarize them more with this important math concept.